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The strategists, the visionary, the leader.
The person is central. Long term.

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Piet Hein

The entrepreneur, the trader, the doer.
Results driven. The here and now.

Being an entrepreneur is about having a forward looking perspective. Making choices. It’s about relying on your strengths. But above all, it’s about enjoying what you do. Carel + Piet Hein.


Already as a youngster, Carel van der Hamsvoort (1969) developed a great sense of responsibility. At the age of 15 he took on the responsibility for running the family farm. He would rise at 5.00 am to milk the cows and then cycle 13 kilometres to school. Carel’s heightened sense of responsibility resulted in an extreme drive to achieve the very best performance. That drive stayed.

After he completed his degree, Carel started to build his international career. For the last 20 years, he has excelled to the top of the corporate world, including that of Rabobank. An environment where his qualities as listener, confidant, sounding board and inspirer were developed and harnessed. But the rat race and Carel’s own personal sacrifices triggered him to reconsider his future. Sitting at a terrace in France in 2012, he took the life-changing decision to follow his heart and change the direction of his career by following his true calling.

“A listener, a confidant,
a sounding board and an inspirer”

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Carel: “The targets, the meetings, the travelling, the bureaucracy and politics started to distract me from what was really fundamentally important to me: making a difference and contributing to make the world a better place. My talent lies in inspiring people, around the world, regardless of upbringing or circumstances. One cannot change the past, but one can have a hand in carving out the future. It’s never too late to take the first step.” “Together with Piet Hein, I help entrepreneurs to change the course of their future. My personal mission is to not only focus on other executives, but also on top achievers in the political, sporting and entertainment arena - to empower them, and help them find their balance again. I know what it’s like to perform under great pressure and to feel obligated to achieve success time and again. But I also know how to be free of the cycle.””

“Helping other executives
to find their strength again”

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“To operate successfully at a top level is fantastic, but can also become addictive. That makes it difficult to stop or to change direction. A lack of the space and freedom to live causes stress, personal problems, burn out among other things. People at the top have a lot to lose. I want to be there for them before they lose themselves. In a simple and unconventional way, I make sure that they find their true selves again and find their internal balance.”

What do Carel+Piet Hein do?

Carel + Piet Hein help entrepreneurs to take the steps they need or want to take with their (family) businesses. They have known each other for 20 years and have successfully completed many projects together. “As a well-oiled team, we know exactly what to expect from each other. We analyse your business and the market, come up with clear conclusions and get to work together. We always choose the solution that suits you as entrepreneur. And that brings back your joy of being an entrepreneur.”

“Our primary focus is the entrepreneur,
not the enterprise”

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Carel: “We are resolute, entrepreneurial, straight-forward and unconventional and that’s how we work. No jargon or big reports, simply a good discussion around the kitchen table. Together we get down to grass roots to discover your real drivers and motives. Our primary focus is not the enterprise, but you the entrepreneur. And that’s what our solutions always focus on.”

100 questions, 10 conclusions,
1 practical solution

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Piet Hein: “The best way to tackle complex problems is to observe and think outside the square. Carel’s experience in the international corporate arena and my practical experience as an independent entrepreneur position us well for this. We look at your situation with a fresh pair of eyes. We pose you a 100 questions, and then draw 10 conclusions and present you with 1 practical solution which you can immediately implement. Independently, or with our help.”

Piet-Hein Meeuwis (1964) is an entrepreneur at heart. Even as a child, the youngest at home with two older sisters, he was a self-starter who set up small enterprises to earn pocket money. His dad, owner of a furniture factory in Oirschot, was taken by his son’s initiative. The business succession was settled.

And so it happened. Piet-Hein never worked for an employer. Over the years he built up the family business. At one point, he had 125 employees and the sky seemed to be the limit. That was until Piet-Hein realised that fabricating furniture did not have a long term future in the Netherlands. At the age of 42, he decided to leave behind the furniture business and give rise to new plans. A drastic decision, but that’s the spirit of the entrepreneur.

"Seeing opportunities everywhere
and knowing how to capitalise on them"

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As a true entrepreneur, Piet-Hein has always viewed the product as secondary. Opportunities are apparent to him at every turn. And through his enterprising and resolute attitude, he knows how to capitalise on these opportunities. Consequently, Piet-Hein is successful in trading and selling online and is also active in property investments. Because of the depth and breadth of his experience, he is comfortable in many different environments. Piet-Hein is also viewed as a driven and welcome sparring partner by other entrepreneurs. Through his pragmatic analysis he is able to pare back complex problems to manageable proportions.

"Help entrepreneurs realise their plans"

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Piet Hein: “I have realised that the role of sparring partner suits me well. I enjoy helping entrepreneurs put their plans into action and derive a lot of satisfaction from advising and assisting other entrepreneurs. Together we look for where the opportunities and possibilities lie and think of the ways and means to implement them. And that’s why Carel and I complement each other so well.”